Table 2

Risk factors and outcome of pregnancy

Condition Prevalence Symptomatic newborns (%)
Congenital rubella0.01/1000 deliveries80
Congenital syphilis0.015/1000 deliveriesVariable with care
HIV infection0.1/1000 deliveries20
Congenital toxoplasmosis0.2–2/1000 births10
Fetal neural tube defects1–2/1000 pregnancies100
Group B streptococcal infection1–3/1000 births20
Cytomegalovirus infection2–22/1000 deliveries10
Urogenital chlamydia5–30/1000 deliveries10
Haemolytic disease of the newborn10–30/1000 deliveries1
Undiagnosed coeliac disease12/1000 deliveries30