Table 2

Percentage of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, n=76) and organic disease (n=100) having different characteristics at the index visit

IBS Organic disease p Value
Doctor's observations
Deemed polysymptomatic4624<0.004
Previous unexplained symptoms4617<0.0001
Patient's responses
Fear of serious disease55410.084
Fear of cancer4630<0.04
Fear of cancer removed after visit29 (10/35)41 (12/29)NS
Entirely better about symptoms after visit2649<0.004
Stress aggravates symptoms5942<0.004
Symptoms for more than six months7241<0.0001
Days off work in previous year1624NS
Off work for more than 10 days or disabled311<0.032-150
Interference with social life6354NS
Stopped social life316<0.007
  • 2-150 Fisher's test.