Table 5

Comparison of ulcerative colitis incidence rates in North America

Study Setting Case ascertainment Year Incidence5-150
Monk and colleagues27 Baltimore, MDHospital1960–633.05-151
Calkins and colleagues28 Baltimore, MDHospital19733.85-151
Baltimore, MDHospital1977–792.25-151
Garland and colleagues2 US multicentreHospital19733.55-151
Pinchbeck and colleagues32 Northern AlbertaHospital, gastroenterologists  (70% known cases)1981 65-151
Hiatt and colleagues33 Northern CaliforniaHMO1980–8110.9
Stowe and colleagues34 Monroe County, NYHospital1970–793.5
Bernstein and colleagues41 ManitobaPopulation (60%)1989−9414.35-151
Loftus and colleagues
(present study)
Olmsted County, MNPopulation (100%)1964–739.35-151
  • 5-150 Cases per 100 000 person years.

  • 5-151 Rates are known to be age and sex adjusted.