Table 3

Consequences of magnetic resonance cholangiography (MRC) on patient management

Stricture type (patients) Management based on observed MRC grading3-150 No modified3-151 No modified (theoretical)3-152
I (4)4: endoscopy or surgery00
II (7)7: endoscopy or combined procedures00
III (7)4: percutaneous47
2: endoscopy (MRC grade II)
1: ? (MRC unsuccessful)
IV (2)1: percutaneous12
1: ? (MRC unsuccessful)
  • 3-150 In this column are displayed the treatment choices which would have been made if MRC results had been taken into account;

  • 3-151 Number of treatment changes from actual management (see table 2).

  • 3-152 Potential number of therapeutic changes if MRC had correctly graded all the patients.