Table 1

Baseline assumptions and range tested in the sensitivity analysis

Baseline model Sensitivity analysis
Sensitivity in detecting dysplasia and CRC90%50–100%
Specificity of surveillance in detecting dysplasia and CRC95%80–100%
Case fatality rate of CRC in surveillance13%5–45%
Health related quality of life after proctocolectomy95%85–100%
Surveillance interval2 y1–5 y
Time lag between dysplasia and CRC3 y1–5 y
Costs per surveillance colonoscopy$911$200–$1500
Costs of proctocolectomy$8300$4150–$16 600
Costs of terminal care per patient with CRC$34 100$17 050–$68 200
Average annual income$24 294$10 000–$50 000
Annual discount rate3%
  • CRC, colorectal cancer.