Table 2

Number of patients complaining of each symptom and mean (SEM) visual analogue score of digestive and respiratory symptoms under basal condition and during omeprazole treatment. Values refer only to patients presenting the symptom on entry. p Value, significance of the overall difference (analysis of variance for repeated measurements)

SymptomNo of patientsBaseline5 days60 daysp Value
Belching207.06  (0.64)3.53  (0.70)1.94  (0.50)<0.001
Heartburn155.27 (0.82)0.14 (0.14)0<0.001
Throat clearing125.58 (1.01)2.82 (0.70)1.42 (0.41)<0.001
Coughing85.75 (1.31)2.38 (0.65)0.50 (0.27)<0.001