Table 2

Results of the first and second readings for the three observers (A, B, and C) (mean grades)

All biopsies3.023.222.683.172.333.17
Healthy tissue1.661.501.661.540.661.54
Inflamed tissue3.624.053.143.973.063.97
  • Kappa values: A:B=0.42 (Ist), 0.62 (2nd); A:C=0.26 (Ist), 0.70 (2nd); B:C=0.20 (Ist), 0.59 (2nd).

  • In the first reading, three different semiserial sections were examined (total, n=95; healthy tissue, n=29; inflamed tissue, n=66). In the second reading the same section was examined by all three pathologists (total, n=86; healthy tissue, n=28; inflamed tissue, n=58).