Table 1

Clinical, immunological, and virological features of 10 LKM1 positive patients

Patient Sex Age (y) Diagnosis IAHG score Recombinant CYP2D6 Native CYP2D6 LKM1 titre HCV RNA
1F26Type 2 AIH19 (d)PositivePositive<1:4000Negative
2F8Type 2 AIH20 (d)PositivePositive<1:4000Negative
3F26Type 2 AIH18 (d)PositivePositive1:2000Negative
4F18Type 2 AIH18 (d)PositivePositive1:1000Negative
5M23Type 2 AIH17 (d)PositivePositive1:500Negative
6M18HCV related7PositivePositive<1:4000Positive
7F32HCV related7PositivePositive<1:4000Positive
8F60HCV related5PositivePositive1:2000Positive
9F29HCV related5PositivePositive1:1000Positive
10F32HCV related6PositivePositive1:500Positive
  • AIH, autoimmune hepatitis; IAHG, International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group; d, “definite” diagnosis of AIH; LKM1, liver/kidney microsomal antibody type 1.