Table 3

Most common adverse events during treatment (number of patients)

Lam/interferon (n=76) Interferon
Lamivudine (n=84)
Viral respiratory infections323725
Headache711-150 47271-151
Muscle pain3640111-151
Abdominal discomfort and pain112313
Malaise and fatigue6670351-151
Anorexia3033 41-151
Nausea and vomiting333419
Fever/chills4643 61-151
Hair loss and alopecia3021 81-151
  • Most common adverse events defined as those occurring during treatment in ⩾15% of patients in any treatment group.

  • 1-150 p value: lam/interferon v interferon: 0.004 (borderline significant in view of multiple testing);

  • 1-151 p value lam/interferon v lamivudine: <0.002 (significant after correction for multiple testing).