Table 3

Risk factor analysis for gallstone disease among individuals from Las Pampas de San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru, 1997. The odds ratio (OR) of each risk factor was obtained from a multivariate regression model that contains all the risk factors listed in this table

Regression analysis
Risk factor n Gallstone
disease (%)
OR (95% CI)
Age (years)
 15–34 5045.561.00
Sex, contraceptive use, parity
 Female, never used, <44698.321.24(0.86–1.78)
 Female, never used, ⩾450523.762.04(1.54–2.69)
 Female, ever used, <42814.292.98(1.07–8.32)
 Female, ever used, ⩾41421.433.77(1.10–12.83)
Body mass index (kg/m2) 
Alcohol consumption  
 At least once a year26312.550.89(0.66–1.21)
 At least once a month29211.641.04(0.80–1.33)
Educational level 
Up to high school19627.041.00
 High school or beyond131712.600.94(0.70–1.27)
Not constipated118813.801.00
Place of birth 
 Sierra migrants96214.760.74(0.58–0.94)