Table 2

Densitometric evaluation of MMP/actin as detected by western blots in samples from patients with and without pouchitis

MMP-1/actinActive form of MMP-1/actinMMP-2/actinActive form of MMP-2/actin
Pouchitis (n=5)77.67% (26.5–138.8)30.9% (12.1–60.5)69.6% (32.6–115.9)16.9% (10.1–25.3)
Uninflamed pouch (n=5)50.6% (28.2–126.8)12.3% (1.9 44.8)2-150 23.4% (18.0–37.5)2-150  4.7% (2.5–6.8)2-150
  • Intensity of bands in western blots were quantified as described in material and methods.

  • Concentrations of MMPs are expressed as percentages in relation to optical actin bands (minimum and maximum values are indicated in parentheses).

  • 2-150 p⩽0.05.