Table 1

Response to questionnaire regarding the acceptability of antenatal screening

n (%)
Received HCV information
 Yes213  (90)
 No21 (9)
 No response3 (1)
Read information leaflet
 Yes225 (95)
 No10 (4)
 No response2 (1)
Information given
 Too much6 (3)
 About right206 (87)
 Too little8 (3)
 No response17 (7)
Opted for testing
 Yes199 (84)
 No30 (13)
 No response8 (3)
Testing available to all pregnant women
 Yes218 (92)
 No12 (5)
No response7 (3)
  • Information was given to women both orally, by the attending midwife, and by a leaflet. It is interesting that 12 women read the information leaflet but did not regard the leaflet as providing information—the majority of these women did not complete the section on “Information provided by the leaflet” in the questionnaire.