Table 1

Relation between study parameters and results

StudyTime of randomisation/ primary therapyPatients randomised with first bleed (%)Patients with Child class C cirrhosis (%)Rebleeding (%)Mortality (%)Patients needing “TIPSS rescue”
Cabrera and colleagues1 (TIPSS, n=31; ES, n=32)<3 days68105123161928% (9 patients)
Rossle and colleagues2 (TIPSS, n=61; ES, n=65) <24 hours39184515131214% (9 patients)
Cello and colleagues3 (TIPSS, n=24; ES, n=25)<24 hoursNSNS4812161224% (6 patients)
Sanyal and colleagues4 (TIPSS, n=41; ES, n=39)?9–11 days44492624291821% (8 patients)
Jalan and colleagues5 (TIPSS, n=41; ES, n=39)1-150 24 hours100485210374230% (8 patients)
Merli and colleagues6 (TIPSS, n=38; ES, n=43)3 strata; <1 week, 1–6 weeks, 6 weeks to 6 months62121924192414% (6 patients)
Sauer and colleagues7 (TIPSS, n=42; ES, n=41)1–3 days100245723313312% (5 patients)
Garcia-Villareal and colleagues8 (TIPSS, n=22; ES, n=24)24 hours803050933155% (1 patient, 6 patients died before rescue)
  • 1-150 Endoscopic treatment: variceal band ligation.

  • TIPSS, transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent-shunt; ES, endoscopic sclerotherapy; NS, not stated.