Table 2

Summary of trials of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent-shunt for refractory ascites and hepatic hydrothorax

Study Indication n Response (complete) (%) 1 year survival (%) Prognostic factors for response
Crenshaw and colleagues26 Refractory ascites5479 (57)52NS
Williams and colleagues27 Refractory ascites1553 (40)54Renal insufficiency
Rees and colleagues28 Refractory ascites2533 67NS
Nazarian and colleagues29 Refractory ascites5062NSCreatinine, bilirubin
Forrest and colleagues30 Refractory ascites182750Creatinine, bilirubin
Lebrec and colleagues25 Refractory ascites13/122329 (2 years)Child's class
Ochs and colleagues32 Refractory ascites5092 (74)55Nil
Gordon and colleagues33 Hepatic hydrothorax2479 (58)57Nil
Jeffries and colleagues34 Hepatic hydrothorax125858NS
  • NS, not stated.