Table 2

Clinical details of C282Y homozygotes (all males)

Patient; ageReason for LFTs requestClinical conditionsFamily history (1st degree relatives)Alcohol intake (units/week)Units of blood venesected) (iron removed (g))2-150
A; 49 yRoutine test from diabetic clinicIDDMNo siblings8426 (6.5)
B; 70 yHypertensive routine test (GP)IHD, hypertension1 sister C282Y +/+08 (2)
C; 50 yRoutine test (GP)DepressionNo iron overload detected in siblings20
D; 44 yRoutine test (GP)Backache, arthritisNo siblings211 (2.75)
E; 48 yRoutine test (GP)Knee replacementNo iron overload detected in siblings4816 (4.0)
F; 54 yTired routine test (GP)IDDM1 cousin C282Y +/+, no siblings5044 (11g)
G; 61 yRoutine test (GP)FitNo iron overload detected in siblings823 (5.75)
H; 51 yRoutine test (GP)Arthritis, alcohol excess15414 (3.5)
  • 2-150 Assuming 1 unit (500 ml) of blood contains 250 mg of iron.

  • LFTs, liver function tests; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; IDDM, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.