Table 2

Sequences of the different oligonucleotide probes used in the present study

Name Sequence (5′-3′) Target (rDNA position2-a) Specificity
Hpy-1CACACCTGACTGACTATCCCG16S (585–605) H pylori
Eub19 GCTGCCTCCCGT16S (338–349) Bacteria
ClaR1CGGGGTCTT C CCGTCTT23S (2136–2152)A2143G (ClaR)
ClaR2CGGGGTCTCTCCGTCTT23S (2136–2152)A2144G (ClaR)
ClaR3CGGGGTCTTGCCGTCTT23S (2136–2152)A2143C (ClaR)
ClaWTCGGGGTCTTTCCGTCTT23S (2136–2152)wild type (ClaS)
  • 2-a Numbers for 16S rRNA sequence are according toE coli numbering, 23S rRNA sequences refer to H pylori numbers; 23S rDNA mutations leading to clarithromycin resistance are printed in bold and underlined.