Table 1

Patient characteristics of those included in the final analysis, stratified by H pylori status at baseline and follow up. No differences in age, duration of GERD, or severity of reflux disease between groups

H pylori+/+1-a H pylori+/−1-b H pylori −/− c
No of patients243326
Age (years) (mean (range))65 (32–72)58 (28–73)48 (28–69)
Sex (M/F)14/1019/1412/14
Duration of GERD1-d 2/8/141/16/161/15/10
Reflux oesophagitis score1-e 14/10/0/014/14/5/018/7/1/0
  • 1-a H pylori positive during whole study period;

  • 1-b H pyloripositive at entry, negative at study end;

  • 1-c H pylori negative controls.

  • 1-d No of patients with <1/1–5/>5 years of symptoms.

  • 1-e No of patients with Savary-Miller score of 1/2/3/4.

  • GERD, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.