Table 2

Detailed results of microsatellite markers analysis in the eight RER positive cancers

Chromosome 17pChromosome 18q
AT 7MI2-a MIStable (no loss)Not ampl.MIMIStable (ni)MI
AT 23MIMIStable (no loss)MIStable (ni)Stable (no loss)MIMI
AT 25MIStable (ni)MIMIMIMIMIStable (ni)
AT 26Stable (no loss)MINot ampl.Stable (no loss)Not ampl.MIMIStable (no loss)
AT 28Stable (ni)MIMIMIMIStable (ni)Stable (no loss)MI
ATp 30MIMIMIStable (ni)Stable (ni)MIMINot ampl.
ATp 33MIStable (no loss)MIMIMIMIStable (ni)MI
ATp 35MIMIStable (ni)Not ampl.Stable (no loss)MIMIMI
  • 2-a MI, microsatellite instability. For the stable loci of chromosomes 17p and 18q their status is reported: ni, not informative; Not ampl, failure of PCR amplification of either normal or tumour DNA.