Table 2

Frequency of microsatellite instability and target gene mutation

Mutation at coding region
Hyperplastic polyp17152000000
  • 2-a MSS (microsatellite stable), no microsatellite instability at nine markers;

  • 2-b MSI-L, microsatellite instability at less than 40% of markers;

  • 2-c MSI-H, microsatellite instability was present at 40% of markers or more;

  • 2-d TGFβRII(A)10, poly(A)10 tract of TGFβ receptor type II gene;

  • 2-e IGF2R(G)8, poly(G)8 tract of IGF receptor type 2 gene;

  • 2-f BAX(G)8, poly(G)8 tract of BAX gene;

  • 2-g hMSH3(A)8, poly(A)8 tract of human MSH3 gene;

  • hhMSH6(C)8, poly(C) 8 tract of human MSH6 gene.