Table 1

Clinical characteristics of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC)

UC patientsExtent of diseaseDuration of diseaseSigmoidoscopic findingsAIDAI
1Left sided2 yNormal861
2Left sided3 mosNormal1250
3Left sided3 yModerate erythema, friability to 10 cm1625
4Left sided5 yErythema and 2 small rectal ulcers at 8 cm1206
5Left sided10 yModerate friability1314
6Left sided14 yModerate erythema and small ulcers to 30 cm915
7Left sided20 yRectal ulcers105.50
8Left sided5 yNormal950
9Pancolitis17 yNormal1121
10Pancolitis8 yNormal840
11Pancolitis9 yNormal98.60
  • AI, activity index; DAI, disease activity index.