Table 4

Relationship between microsatellite instability status and mutations in coding region of hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer adenomas

  • 4-a Percentage of non-coding region markers with genetic alteration out of the informative markers;

  • 4-b TGFβRII(A)10, poly(A)10 tract of TGFβ receptor type II gene;

  • 4-c IGF2R(G)8, poly(G)8 tract of IGF receptor type 2 gene;

  • 4-d BAX(G)8, poly(G)8 tract of BAX gene;ehMSH3(A)8, poly(A)8 tract of human MSH3 gene;

  • 4-f hMSH6(C)8, poly(C)8 of human MSH6 gene.

  • 4-g Fisher's exact test for %MSI of 40–79 and +80v the presence of mutation of hMSH6(C)8 was significant (p<0.02).