Table 1

Characteristics of the study subjects and results of absorption tests and tests of gastric function

Subject NoAge, race, sexEYCAT (%/24 h)Schilling test (%/24 h)Serum cobalamin (pmol/l)Serum gastrin (ng/l)MAO (mEq/h)Pepsin (U/ml)IF (nmol/l)
Group I—severe food cobalamin malabsorption
133/L/F0.1912.2  —1-150 1269013513.9
274/L/M0.4317.6  2238708012.0
377/W/M0.6711.2  1711-151 11550610.8
458/W/F0.019.9  129915.2855127.4
570/W/M0.4115.2  1092174.0256337.3
657/B/F0.22  2418211.71-153
Group II—mild food cobalamin malabsorption
766/W/F1.00  44380
873/W/F1.16  23554
967/B/F1.21  4661-151 752.8064951.2
1079/W/M1.34/1.69  11710114.7137374.8
1171/W/M1.8820.0  5192
Group III—normal absorption
1244/B/F2.62  347678.6455725.0
1356/W/M2.85  3871692.254363.8
1468/A/M3.53  2924511.4491218.0
1581/B/M3.8719.5  278907.7086941.9
1672/W/M4.08  1415513.9161244.5
1769/W/F4.38  273542.7655181.6
1848/W/M5.53  2121192.5655133.1
1970/W/M8.9226.5  134 4040.3157552.0
  • EYCAT, egg yolk cobalamin absorption test; MAO, maximal acid output; IF, intrinsic factor; W, white; B, black; L, Latin American; A, Asian; F, female; M, male.

  • 1-150 This subject was referred for study after being treated for low cobalamin level.

  • 1-151 Although this subject had a normal cobalamin level, methylmalonic acid and/or homocysteine levels were abnormal.

  • 1-153 This normal IF concentration was obtained from a basal gastric juice (the subject refused gastric stimulation with pentagastrin).