Table 3

Characteristics of the bifidobacteria-SCS antibacterial activity

TreatmentViable S typhimurium
(log CFU/ml)
Inoculum S typhimurium 7.3 (0.2)
Control CA1-SCS2.0 (0.2)3-160
Control F9-SCS2.2 (0.4)3-160
Ammonium sulphate precipitation3-1 CA1-SCS7.1 (0.5)
Ammonium sulphate precipitation3-1 F9-SCS6.8 (0.4)
Chloroform-methanol extraction3-2 CA1-SCS5.1 (0.2)3-160
Chloroform-methanol extraction3-2 F9-SCS2.4 (0.3)3-160
Dialysis3-3 CA1-SCS6.9 (0.4)
Dialysis3 F9-SCS6.9 (0.4)
  • Experimental conditions are described in materials and methods.

  • Results are presented as mean(SEM) obtained from three experiments.

  • 3-1 Activity in pellet obtained by ammonium sulphate precipitation.

  • 3-2 Activity in the chloroform fraction after methanol-chloroform extraction.

  • 3-3 Activity in the SCS after dialysis with Spectra/Por membrane (molecular weight cut off 3500).

  • Statistical analysis with Student's t test,

  • 3-160 p<0.01 compared with inoculum.