Table 4

Activity of the infant bifidobacterium strains against the S typhimurium SL1344 strain infecting the human fully differentiated enterocyte-like Caco-2 cells in culture

Experimental conditionViable intracellular S typhimurium (log cfu/ml)
PretreatedS typhimurium 4-1
 Control6.2 (0.2)
 MRS treated5.8 (0.4)
 CA1-SCS treated2.0 (0.2)4-150
 F9-SCS treated2.4 (0.3)4-150
Preinfected Caco-2 cells4-2
 Control7.3 (0.3)
 MRS treated6.5 (0.4)
 CA1-SCS treated4.3 (0.3)4-150
 F9-SCS treated4.2 (0.2)4-150
  • Experimental conditions are described in materials and methods.

  • Results are presented as mean (SEM) obtained from 18 cell monolayers per group.

  • 4-150 Statistical analysis with Student's ttest, p>0.01 compared with control.

  • 4-1 Prior to cell infection, S typhimuriumSL1344 (108 cfu/ml) was subjected for one hour at 37°C to MRS or bifidobacterium-SCS treatment. After one hour of bifidobacterium-SCS treatment, 107 cfu/mlS typhimurium remained viable. Consequently, control cells were infected with 107 cfu/mlS typhimurium.

  • 4-2 Cells were infected with 108 cfu/mlS typhimurium.