Table 2

Assessment of global DNA methylation indexes by Southwestern blotting. Each immunoblot of HpaII digested DNA was scanned as described in methods. The ratio between the shaded area and the total area of each lane was taken as an index reflecting the sensitivity of the sample towards the restriction enzyme activity. Samples from patient No 8 were obtained from the same patient as in table 1. The three other pairs were from other patients not included in the set of samples studied by immunohistochemistry

Case NoLocalisationAgeDukes' stageDifferentiationSouthwestern
blot index
8Left colon64CPD21.3
14Left colon60AWD14.8
15Right colon55DMD19.4
16Left colon76BWD15.2
  • WD, well differentiated; MD, moderately differentiated; PD, poorly differentiated.