Table 1

Depletion of αβ T cells or γδ T cells in the spleen and the ileum after anti-CD2 monoclonal antibody (mAb), anti-CD4 mAb, anti-αβ T cell receptor (TCR), or anti-γδ TCR treatment. Values are mean (SD) of absolute numbers per PALS/mm2 of spleen or absolute numbers/mm2 mucosa of the ileum

mAb treatment No αβ T cells in PALS/mm2 spleen No γδ T cells in PALS/mm2 spleen No αβ T cells/mm2 ileum No γδ T cells/mm2 ileum
Control (IgG2a)829  (65)676 (32)
Anti-CD2 (IgG2a)43 (11)27.1 (3.5)128 (22)28.1 (3.1)
Anti-CD4 (IgG2a)47 (10)136 (25)
Control (IgG1)774 (46)29.5 (3.9)661 (36)26.7 (3)
Anti-αβ TCR (IgG1)48 (12) 88.5
Anti-γδ TCR (IgG1) 2.7 (1.1) 3.7 (1.3)
  • PALS, periarteriolar lymphocyte sheath.