Table 1

Details of pregnancies and immunosuppression regimens in 18 patients with AIH who carried their pregnancies beyond 20 weeks' gestation

Immunosuppressive therapy at conception
PatientAge (y) at diagnosisCirrhosisPregnancy
Age (y) at conceptionAza (mg/day)Pred
Aza withdrawnComments
26No11800N/ANo treatment for 7 y pre-conception.
22100N/ANo treatment for 10 y pre-conception.
418No132757.5NoPostpartum flare following non-compliance with therapy.
520Yes127010YesAza withdrawn 18 months pre-conception. Postpartum flare.
2291000NoPostpartum flare.
333010YesAza withdrawn 3 months pre-conception.
623Yes133750NoGI bleed at 32 weeks. Second GI bleed and death 6 months post partum.
733No13400N/ARefused treatment prior to conception. Pred started at 16 weeks' gestation because of flare.
23607.5N/ADelivery at 34 weeks.
3261250NoMaternal and fetal death at 25 weeks.
1016Yes124010YesTwin delivery. Aza withdrawn 2 y prior to conception.
23200N/AToxaemia. No treatment for 3 months prior to this conception.
1119Yes129012.5N/AConceived by IVF. Postpartum flare.
133No12700N/ANo treatment for 12 y prior to conception.
22900N/ANo treatment for 14 y prior to conception.
1419No124015N/AFlare during first trimester.
2271007.5YesAza withdrawn at 12 weeks' gestation.
1524Yes12400N/AToxaemia. De novo presentation with AIH at 16 weeks' gestation.
1727No12900N/AOn treatment with cyclosporin. Pred instituted during second trimester because of flare.
232500YesAza withdrawn at 12 weeks' gestation. Flare during third trimester. Delivery at 37 weeks.
1828No12800N/AConceived by IVF. De novo presentation with severe AIH at 24 weeks' gestation. Caesarean delivery at 28 weeks.
23000N/AConceived by IVF. Fetal loss at 20 weeks' gestation.
  • Aza, azathioprine; pred, prednisolone; IVF, in vitro fertilization; N/A, not applicable; flare, exacerbation of disease as defined in materials and methods.