Table 2

Risk factors for nodular and infiltrating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in 370 patients with cirrhosis by Cox proportional hazards regression analysis and the Wald test

Nodular HCCInfiltrating HCC
VariablePt at riskRelative risk(95% CI)pRelative risk(95% CI)p
 ⩽59 y1921
 >59 y1783.1(1.6–5.2)0.0002
Duration of cirrhosis
 Diagnosis at inclusion1821
 ⩽3 y1001.3(0.6–2.4)
 > 3 y882.6(1.8–3.4)0.09
Child-Pugh's stage
Alcohol abuse
Anti-HCV and HBsAg
 One or both negative3531
 Both positive1716.9(3.8–36.7)0.0007
ALT during follow up
 Normal or <1.51521
 High or fluctuating2-150 2182.2(1.2–4.4)0.03
AFP during follow up
 <20 ng/ml2961
 High or fluctuating2-150 741.7(1.1–3.1)0.09
  • 2-150 Values persistently high or with continuous fluctuations during the whole follow up period of observation.