Table 3

Published series of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) of bile duct stones (>20 patients)

StudyNo of patientsLithotriptorAnaesthesiaVisualisationFragmentation rate (%)Clearance rate (%)No of deaths
Sauerbruch multicentre17 113EH Dornier HM3Mostly GA Xray91862
Sauerbruch single centre7 103EH Dornier HM3Mostly GA X ray92881
Moody18 56EH Dornier HM3AS X ray91750
Wenzel19 55EH Dornier HM3Mostly GA X ray920
Lindstrom20 37EH Dornier HM3AS Xray89
Van der Hul21 9077EH Dornier HM3AS X ray85690
Schulz10 65EM LithostarAS Xray690
Lee9 7062EM Lithostar AS Xray611
8EH Dornier HM3
Nicholson11 54EM LithostarAS X ray81701
Dobrilla12 49EM LithostarAS X ray94880
den Toom13 6249EM LithostarAS Xray8673
13EH Dornier HM3GA100100
Staritz14 33EM LithostarAS Xray640
Ginestal-Cruz15 30EM LithostarAS Xray802
Weiss16 32PZASUltrasound75
  • GA, general anaesthetic; AS, analgesia and/or intravenous sedation; EH, electrohydraulic; EM, electromagnetic; PZ, piezolith.