Table 1

Test agents used: activity against cyclooxygenase and doses used. Comparison of the relative COX-l and COX-2 activity of each test agent, as well as the methodological information regarding doses and number of animals used

Activity against cyclooxvlyenase1-a
Test agent ID50COX-2/ID50 COX-1 n Dose (mg/kg/day)
Indomethacin22–6010 2
Meloxicam0.07–0.310 0.6
Celecoxib<0.0008 81-b  6
Sulindac sulphone1040
  • 1-a While absolute ID50 values vary according to the cell system used, the ratio stays relatively constant, as does ranking.17 22 51-55

  • 1-b Two animals from this group died after randomisation, one while being anaesthetised for blood collection, and the other had a large gastroduodenal tumour eroding his liver and hepatic vessels.