Table 3

Relation between complete regression (CR) of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma after eradication and pretreatment clinicopathological factors

Factor No of CR/
all patients
No of CR by 12 M3-151 Probability of CR at 12 M3-152 p Value3-150
Depth of invasion by EUS
 sm or beyond3/133/120.45
Modified Ann Arbor stage
 EI1 25/3023/270.870.0502
Endoscopic appearance
 SS type26/3223/290.830.085
 Other types3/93/90.56
H pyloridensity3-154
 Many (3/2)23/3021/280.860.080
 Few (1/0)6/115/100.61
High grade component
Perigastric lymphadenopathy
Dominant site of lesion
  • M, month; sm, submucosa; SS, superficial spreading.

  • 3-151 Subjects with partial regression who had been observed for less than 12 months were excluded.

  • 3-152 Kaplan-Meier analysis.

  • 3-150 Log rank test.

  • 3-154 Updated Sydney system.