Table 1

Composition (g) of the experimental powdered diets (low fibre control diet (CD), starch free wheat bran enriched diet (WB), type III resistant starch enriched diet (RS), and short chain fructo-oligosaccharide enriched diet (FOS))

Starch free wheat bran1-a 07.6000
Retrograded high amylose corn starch1-a 0019.950
Short chain fructo-oligosaccharides1-a 0006.00
Pregelatinised starch1-b 64.2763.2050.3261.12
Corn oil2.
Minerals1-c 4.504.504.504.50
Vitamins1-c 0.500.500.500.50
  • The control diet was a low fibre diet containing 2% cellulose.

  • 1-a Each fibre source provided 5.8% (dry matter) indigestible carbohydrates in addition to cellulose. Starch free wheat bran contained 78.93% total fibre (digestibility 34.33%) and 0.51% remaining starch. Type III resistant starch provided 30.07% indigestible starch. FOS consisted only of indigestible carbohydrates, the difference between the amount of FOS and indigestible carbohydrates provided corresponding to the moisture of the fibre.

  • 1-b The amount of pregelatinised digestible starch was calculated so that the sum of the fibre source plus digestible starch provided 257.1 kcal/g dry matter, as did the 64.27 g pregelatinised starch of the control diet. The energy contribution of the fibre sources was determined as 0.56 kcal/g dry matter for starch free wheat bran, 4 kcal/g dry matter for digestible starch, and 2.1 kcal/g dry matter for FOS.

  • 1-c INRA formula No 102.