Table 2

Lactate concentration in rats fed experimental diets (low fibre control diet (CD), starch free wheat bran enriched diet (WB), type III resistant starch enriched diet (RS), and short chain fructo-oligosaccharide enriched diet (FOS)) for 2 (D2) or 44 (D44) days

  • Results are expressed as median (min–max) of the sum ofd-lactate and l-lactate concentrations (μmol/g wet content) measured in contents of rats for which a sufficient amount remained after aliquoting for short chain fatty acid and residual starch assays. As concentrations of d- andl-lactate isomers were similar, only total concentrations are indicated.

  • Statistical analyses (ANOVAs on ranked data followed by Bonferroni's test) were only performed for the caecum, using the model:Y=diet+block. At D2, FOS was significantly different from CD (p =0.017); at D44, the diet effect was not significant.