Table 1

Summary of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) studies performed to identify measles virus in inflammatory bowel disease

Study group Diagostic groups Tissue source Experimental procedure Assay sensitivity Positive control Measles virus presence
Royal Free Hospital, London, UK35 CD, UC, IC, controlsResected material + PBMCHybrid capture + N, H gene specific RT-PCR104 RNA moleculesSSPE (brain); vaccine recipient + SSPE (PBMC)−ve
NIBSC, UK20 CD, UC, IC, controlsBiopsies + lymphocytesN gene specific RT-PCR nested PCR5.5×10-3 pfuSSPE (brain); wild-type measles virus strain (94/31825) in Vero cells−ve
Hirosaki University, Japan33 CD, UC, controlsResected intestine N, F gene specific RT-PCR nested PCRSingle viral genomic RNASSPE (brain); Vero E6 cells infected with Toyoshima strain of measles virus−ve
Akita and Osaka University, Japan32 CD, UC, controlsResected intestine + biopsiesN, M, F, H gene specific RT-PCRNot reportedNot reported−ve
Tokyo Medical University, Kitasato Institute Tokyo, Japan; Royal Free Hospital, London, UK37 CD, UC, controlsPBMCF, H gene specific RT-PCR nested PCRNot reportedSSPE (brain); SSPE (PBMC), vaccine and wild strains+ve
NIBSC, UK34 CD (affected, unaffected, lymph nodes)Resection specimen (affected and unaffected intestine lymph nodes)N, M, H gene specific RT-PCR nested PCRN: 5.5×10−2– 5.5×10−3 pfuSSPE (brain); wild-type measles virus strain (94/31825) in Vero cells−ve
M: 5.5×10−3 pfu
H: 5.5 ×10−1–5.5 ×10−2 pfu
  • CD, Crohn's disease; UC, ulcerative colitis; IC, indeterminate colitis; pfu, plaque forming unit; PBMC, peripheral blood mononuclear cells; N, nucleocapsid protein gene; M, matrix protein gene; F, fusion protein gene; H, haemagglutinin protein gene.