Table 2

Predictors of mental health and psychological adjustment to a diagnosis of HCV infection in a group of previously healthy females (n=66): results of three stepwise multiple regression analyses

Dependent variable No steps Independent variable Beta Multiple r Adjusted r2
GHQ30 psychological well being3Social functioning−0.440.680.46
Role limitation emotional problems−0.390.810.64
General health perception−0.230.830.67
Depression (HAD)3Social functioning−0.550.760.58
Role limitation emotional problems−0.320.840.69
Anxiety (HAD)2Social functioning−0.550.630.39
Role limitation emotional problems−0.300.700.46
  • Beta is the regression coefficient which expresses the change in the dependent variable that would be produced by a positive increment of one standard deviation in the independent variable concerned. Multiple r is the relationship between the dependent and all independent variables. Adjustedr 2 is a modified measure of the coefficient of determination taking into account the number of predictor variables included in the regression equation.

  • HCV, hepatitis C virus; GHQ, general health questionnaire; HADS, hospital anxiety and depression scale.