Table 5

Frequency (%) of HLA DRB1* alleles in PCR positive and negative patients5-151

DRB1*allele PCR negative (n=52) PCR positive (n=69) Statistical analysis χ2
DRB1*0115  (28.8)6  (8.7)p=0.004 (pc=0.036)*
DRB1*01033 (5.8)3 (4.3)NS
DRB1*0316 (30.8)27 (39.1)NS
DRB1*0415 (28.8)22 (31.9)NS
DRB1*0713 (25)19 (27.7)NS
DRB1*081 (1.9)1 (1.4)NS
DRB1*091 (1.9)0NS
DRB1*101 (1.9)0NS
DRB1*115 (9.6)5 (7.2)NS
DRB1*121 (1.9)0NS
DRB1*133 (5.8)14 (20.3)p=0.02 (pc=NS)
DRB1*141 (1.9)3 (4.3)NS
DRB1*1521 (40.4)24 (34.8)NS
DRB1*16 00NS
  • 5-151 The frequencies of HLA DRB1* alleles were compared among PCR positive and negative women. To minimise the possibility that the observed probability (p) values might be because of chance, corrections (pc) were made for the number of alleles tested (only alleles present at >3% were stastically analysed; (n=9)).

  • PCR, polmerase chain reaction.