Table 1

Prediction of relative risks of various prognostic factors using concentrations of soluble E-cadherin higher than the cut off value (> 7025 ng/ml)

Factor Category Relative risk p Value Confidence interval
TT4v T1 or T2 or T31.30 0.020 1.008–1.668
NN2 v N0 or N11.410.064* 0.944–2.118
MM1v M01.330.073* 0.954–1.859
StagingStage III or IV v stage I or II1.550.1640.82–2.913
OperabilityPalliative/conservative voperable1.62 0.023 1.038–2.514
  • T, tumour; N, lymph node; M, metastasis.

  • p<0.05 is considered statistically significant and is indicated by bold type; p<0.1 but >0.05 is considered approaching statistical significance and is indicated by an asterisk.