Table 2

Characteristics of the six patients with colorectal cancer detected at follow up

No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4 No 5 No 6
Age at initial colonoscopy/ polypectomy (y)536264655654
Location of index adenomaSigmoidSigmoidDescendingSigmoidRectumSigmoid
Histological finding at index examinationTubular adenomaTubulo-villous adenomaTubulo-villous adenomaTubulo-villous adenoma pedunculatedTubulo-villous adenomaTubular adenoma
Size of index adenoma (mm)10101340205
Lesions at index examination>1>1>1 1>11
Grade of dysplasia of index adenomaNot availableModerateSevereModerateSevereSevere
Time from index examination (y)7108552.5
No TCEs after index examination000413
Location of cancerRectumTransverseDescendingCaecumRectumCaecum
Current statusAliveAliveAliveDied from colon cancerDied from rectal cancerDied from colon cancer
  • 2-150 TCE, total colon examination.