Table 1

Sequential follow up after diagnosis and Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment. Endoscopic, histological, and molecular findings

Follow up after H pylori eradicationEndoscopic pattern1-150 Histological scoring1-151 PCR1-152 H pylori1-154
April 1998 (diagnosis)IHigh gradeNot doneUrease +
July 1998 (3 months)I1MonoclonalNegative
Oct 1998 (6 months)N0MonoclonalNegative
March 1999 (11 months)CG0MonoclonalNegative
Dec 1999 (20 months)CG0MonoclonalNegative
May 2000 (25 months)N0PonyclonalNegative
Dec 2000 (32 months)N0MonoclonalNegative
  • 1-150 I, infiltrative pattern: mucosa was more or less extensively infiltrated/or the folds were thickened with or without superficial erosive lesions; CG, chronic gastritis pattern: presence of irregular patchy erythematous lesions. Other minor endoscopic changes were accepted as normal (N).2

  • 1-151 Histological scoring following the Wotherspoon system.1

  • 1-152 PCR (polymerase chain reaction), IgH gene analysis (FR/2/FR3 and LJH/VLJH).2 ,7

  • 1-154 H pylori evaluated in histological samples and in the culture of gastric biopsies, and breath test urea13C.