Table 1

Risk factors of patients with extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis (n=172)

Risk factor n % Specification
Hepatic disorders5230Cirrhosis (n=37), Budd-Chiari syndrome (n=12), nodular regenerative hyperplasia (n=2), incomplete septal fibrosis (n=1)
Abdominal inflammation3017Pancreatitis (n=11), liver abscess (n=7), inflammatory bowel disease (n=6), cholangitis (n=3), umbilical vein infection (n=1), appendicitis (n=2)
Malignancies4124Hepatocellular carcinoma (n=15), pancreatic carcinoma (n=6), biliary tract carcinoma (n=3), other malignancy with liver metastases (n=6), other malignancy without liver metastases (n=11)
Abdominal intervention4023Hepatobiliary surgery (n=20), splenectomy (n=13), liver transplantation (n=3), jejunal resection (n=2), abdominal trauma (n=2)
Hypercoagulability4727Pregnancy (n=3), oral contraceptives (n=13), paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (n=4), antiphospholipid syndrome (n=6), systemic lupus erythematosus (n=2), factor V Leiden mutation1-150 (n=6), protrombin gene mutation1-150 (n=3), protein C deficiency1-150 (n=7), protein S deficiency1-150 (n=2), antithrombin deficiency1-150 (n=1)
Myeloproliferative syndrome2414Polycythemia vera (n=12), essential thrombocytosis (n=3), myelofibrosis (n=6), myeloid leukaemia (n=1), unclassified (n=2)
  • Patients can have more than one risk factor.

  • 1-150 Only tested for patients from whom a blood sample could be obtained in July 1997 (n=73).