Table 4

Variables significantly influencing survival according to multivariate analysis. Relative risk (RR) of death is given for all investigated patients (n=172) and for those with non-malignant extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis (EPVT) (n=131)

EPVT (n=172) Non-malignant EPVT (n=131)
RR 95% CI p Value RR 95% CI p Value
Age (y)
 >605.82.5–13.2< 0.0015.31.9–14.7< 0.001
Alanine aminotransferase ⩾30 U/l1.91.1––4.10.06
Albumin <35 g/l3.21.8–5.80.0013.91.9–8.2< 0.001
Mesenteric vein thrombosis2.91.4–5.90.0037.42.7–20.1< 0.001
Cirrhosis3.91.9–8.10.0024.92.2–10.9< 0.001
Absence of abdominal inflammation4.61.3–15.70.0115.31.9–122.6< 0.001
Malignancy8.14.1–16.0< 0.001