Table 4

Cyclooxygenase (COX) mRNA in normal and inflamed or damaged (ID) and healing (HE) gastric mucosa

AuthorNormalID, HENormalID, HE
O'Neil 199390 PositiveNot examinedPositive Not examined
Tarnawski 199694 PositiveNot examinedPositiveNot examined
Tarnawski 199796 Not examinedNot examinedPositiveOverepressed
Ferraz 199773 PositiveoverexpressedPositiveOverepressed
Mizuno 199795 PositivePos. (stable)NegativePositive
Davies 199797 PositivePos. (stable)PositiveOverexpessed
Zimmermann 199899 PositiveNot examinedPositiveNot examined
Kishimoto 1998100 PositivePos. (stable)LowOverepressed
Ukawa 1998103 PositivePositiveNegativePositive
Takahashi 1998101 PositivePositiveNegativePositive
Fu 1999104 Not examinedNot examinedAbsent or lowIncreased