Table 1

Association of serum Helicobacter pylori antibody and serum pepsinogen status with reflux oesophagitis or gastric cancer among all subjects

H pylori antibodyPepsinogen level
Total (+) (−) OR (95% CI) p Value Low Normal OR (95% CI) p Value
Total subjects5732269530371.0121845141.0
Reflux oesophagitis10841670.67 (0.45–1.0)0.0510980.35 (0.18–0.68)<0.01
Gastric cancer261791.7 (0.74–3.8)0.2116104.2 (1.8–9.6)<0.01
  • OR, odds ratio of serum H pyloriantibody and serum pepsinogen status adjusted for sex and age using unconditional logistic regression models with 95% confidence intervals (CI).