Table 2

Association between Helicbacter pylori infection and non-cardia and cardia gastric cancer2-150 data from 12 prospective studies

StudyNon-cardia casesControlsMatched OR(95% CI)Cardia casesControlsMatched OR(95% CI)
TotalHp +ve (%)TotalHp +ve (%)TotalHp +ve (%)TotalHp +ve (%)
UK12 23 966.72744.42.88(0.50–16.5)1233.33630.61.15(0.27–4.91)
USA (California)4 6288.76261.35.25(1.80–15.3)425.0425.01.00(0.06–16.0)
USA (Hawaii)5 7495.97475.78.50(1.96–36.8)540.0580.02-152
Taiwan13 2171.416060.01.66(0.61–4.51)862.56055.01.33(0.31–5.79)
Finland I14 7588.013082.31.74(0.75–4.03)977.81687.50.59(0.08–4.30)
China I15 16 11487.733182.21.54(0.82–2.89)4390.712487.11.44(0.43–4.92)
Sweden7 2788.910849.111.1(2.51–49.4)1346.25248.10.92(0.27–3.16)
Japan17 3889.519073.73.02(1.02–8.91)41002085.02-152
Norway18 13290.261462.95.15(2.83–9.37)4544.422864.90.40(0.20–0.77)
Iceland2-151 3577.117668.81.52(0.66–3.53)580.02268.21.68(0.18–15.5)
Finland II2-151 9393.520471.14.72(1.98–11.3)2759.36866.20.61(0.22–1.70)
China II24 8262.217451.11.82(1.03–3.22)9962.619251.61.77(1.05–2.97)
Total76286.0225068.62-153 2.97(2.34–3.77)27462.082761.92-153 0.99(0.72–1.35)
  • 2-150 Excludes all cases known to have had a partial gastrectomy or where the cancer could not be localised to a particular part of the stomach.

  • 2-151 Unpublished data.

  • 2-152 In the Hawaiian study there were no case control pairs with aH pylori positive case and a negative control; in the Japanese study there were no H pylori negative cases.

  • 2-153 Weighted by the number of cases in each study to allow for the different matching ratios of controls to cases.

  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.