Table 3

Effect of SR141716A on transit of an orally administered non-absorbable marker through the small intestine of fasted mice

Marker Route and time of administration Dose or potency Effect on transit3-150 Ref
Charcoal (20 min)sc before marker1 mg/kg+17.5% 48
Carmine (20 min)ip at 20 min before markerLED=1.25 mg/kgca. +33% 49
Charcoal (20 min)ip at 20 min before markerLED=1 mg/kg+48% 50
Charcoal (20 min)ip at 20 min before markerED50=375 nmol/mouseIncrease 51
icv at 20 min before markerED50=117 nmol/mouseIncrease
Charcoal (20 min)
(croton oil treated mice)
ip at 20 min before markerED50=418 nmol/mouseIncrease 51
  • Time after administration of the non-absorbable marker at which the mice were killed is shown in parentheses.

  • 3-150 Compared with vehicle control.

  • LED, lowest effective dose investigated.