Table 2

Duration of oesophageal pressure waves recorded during short term and prolonged manometry and during complete lower oesophageal sphincter (LOS) relaxations

Wet swallows
(short term manometry)
Fasting period
(prolonged manometry)
Complete LOS relaxations (prolonged manometry)
No patients1011 7
Duration proximal (s) 5.4 (4.7–6.9)4.5 (3.9–5.3) 8.8 (7.5–15.5)a b
Duration mid (s)5.4 (4.7–6.9)4.3 (4.2–5.5)12.1 (9.3–16.5)a b
Duration distal (s) 5.4 (4.7–6.9)5.2 (4.4–5.4)14.1 (12.3–17.2) a b
  • 2-a p<0.05 versus short term manometry;

  • 2-b p<0.02 versus prolonged manometry.