Table 2

Baseline characteristics of the patients in the low and high long chain triglyceride (LCT) groups (mean values)

Low LCT (n=27) High LCT (n=27) p Value
Age (y)36.935.60.71
QOL score1231120.27
Weight (kg)60.964.20.44
Albumin (g/l)36340.17
Haemoglobin (g/dl)
CRP (mg/l)52.752.80.99
ESR (mm/h)37.442.70.49
WBC (×109/l)
Current smokers (n)88
Drug therapy (n)
Site of disease (n)
  • CDAI, Crohn's disease activity index; HBI, Harvey Bradshaw index; VHAI, Van Hees activity index; QOL, quality of life; BMI, body mass index; CRP, C reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; WBC, white blood cells; 5-ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid.

  • 2-150 Significant difference.