Table 3

Haemodynamic studies in control and galactosamine (GalN) rats treated with Bosentan

TreatmentMAP (mm Hg)RBF (ml/min/kidney)RVR (mm Hg/ml/min)
Values are mean (SEM).
There were no significance differences in mean arterial pressure (MAP). Renal blood flow (RBF) and renal vascular resistance (RVR) were decreased and increased, respectively, in rats with GalN induced liver/renal failure (***p<0.0001). Bosentan had no effect on renal blood flow or renal vascular resistance in either control animals or those with liver failure.
Control (n=12)115 (3.8)2.9 (0.2)44 (4)
GalN (n=12)106 (5)1.8 (0.2)***69 (9)***
Control+Bos (n=4)113 (5)2.7 (0.5)46 (9)
GalN+Bos (n=6)118 (7)2.0 (0.4)***72 (15)***