Table 2

Univariate analysis of clinical, histological, and virological factors for responsiveness to interferon

CR (n=44) NR (n=77) Odds ratio 95% CI p Value
Sex (M/F)27/1753/240.720.332–1.5590.404
Age (<50/⩾50 (y))22/2234/431.26 0.602–2.6560.535
Transfusion history (+/−)16/2827/501.06 0.489–2.2910.886
Grading score2-150(1–8/9–18)25/1940/371.22 0.578–2.5640.605
Staging score2-160(0–1/2–4)26/1844/331.08 0.511–2.2970.835
HCV RNA (<1.0/⩾1.0 (×106eq/ml))41/315/6256.4920.556–155.233<0.0001
HCV subtype (W/J/2a)10/10/2431/28/180.002
ISDR (wild/mutation) (genotype 1b only, n=79)5/1535/240.23 0.077–0.6800.008
  • 2-150 Grading score is a total of components 1, 2, and 3 of the histological activity index (HAI) score according to Knodel and colleagues.15

  • 2-160 Staging score is according to Desmet and colleagues.14

  • CR, complete responder; NR, non-responder; HCV, hepatitis C virus; ISDR, interferon sensitivity determining region.