Table 4

Sensitivity analysis for the best and worst scenarios of dropout rate and survival after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) according to risk group and length of waiting time (range 6–24 months)*

ScenarioGain in LE (months)MCYLS (US$)
*All results are expressed according to the waiting time range: the first figure corresponds to six months–the last figure corresponds to 24 months of waiting time.
**20% decrease in dropout rate compared with reference case, as a result of treatment
***20% increase in dropout rate compared with reference case, despite treatment.
MCYLS, marginal cost per year of life saved.
Group 1
    Best dropout rate**3.3–8.354 291–27 362
    Worst dropout rate***1.1–4.2135 639–43 650
    Five year survival after OLT (50%)1.5–4.6103 007–43 074
Group 2
    Best dropout rate**6.8–9.116 536–11 690
    Worst dropout rate***3.8–4.319 593–10 509
    Five year survival after OLT (50%)2.0–4.742 105–13 824